Forum Thread: Question on Scrabble (Dispute Between Hubbie and Myself!)

OK, I've never resorted to asking a forum anything before but I am so sure I am right! So.......a word comes DOWN the scrabble board (GAMED).

Hubbie then puts an O next to the D to make DO and then proceeds to add L and D under the O to make OLD. I am sure you

can't just add letters to a word you've already made. Surely the word DO is his turn? He is convinced it is OK but I am sure it isn't. I hope I've explained it enough, I'll also add a screenshot. Please let me have your thoughts.

Thanks so much :-) xx

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3 Responses

This is a basic move for points online. It's accepted with online scrabble the more letters you can attach onto an existing word the better. Not sure about board scrabble.

Having not played in over 25 years I am pretty well out of the loop on matters Scrabble, let along Online Scrabble, and this is my first time on a Scrabble Forum. The last time I played Scrabble was on a board period (there was no internet, nor other option). Having first played in about 1957 I am not a total newbie.

It is a legitimate move.

You can play a word in any direction, and HIS word is OLD, with added points for any tied in new words created, such as DO.

The direction of his word is vertical.

Should you want to punish him for knowing that, point out that, if that is the rule, he could have gotten 3 more points by playing those same letters LOD down from the upper right hand corner.

If you want to spice up your games a bit, try playing with 9 letters instead of 7.
Faster, higher scoring, more interesting words and boards.
The 50 point BINGO or SCRABBLE bonus is only added for using all 9 letters in a play, not just 7, as is the default.
The best first word I ever played using this format (9 letters) was INEQUITY.
It started on the Triple Word Score at the left and ended on the Center Square.
The letter Q alone was worth 120 points.
I felt pretty good about that one!

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