Scrabble Challenge #4: How Fast Are You at Building Words? Find Out…

How Fast Are You at Building Words? Find Out…

A recent study in Canada concluded that competitive Scrabble players are twenty percent faster than non-Scrabble players at identifying real words on a Scrabble rack. In light of this news, this week's challenge is actually just a game of Scrabble Sprint from

See how fast you are at identifying real words, and try to get rid of all 64 letters before the timer runs out. Scoring is just like in a normal game of Scrabble, where you earn the point value of each letter tile played, as well as the premium square multipliers. Scoring points also adds a little time to your game, making it possible to use up all of the letters—if you're fast enough.

Put your final score in the comments below and share with us your best word played!

Last Week's Solution

And here is the answer to Scrabble Challenge #3:

  • CLAYMORE was the triple-triple used in the game, but you could also use SYCAMORE for the same amount of points.
  • There are also more high-scoring options on the board than just those triple-triples. You can also place COMETARY, CREAMERY, CYMBALER and CREAMILY for regular bingo plays, and you can also throw down CLAYMORE and SYCAMORE elsewhere on the board (though I don't know why you'd want to).
  • If you're playing with Collins Scrabble Words (instead of TWL), you could also play CRAMESY, CAMEIRY and REMANENCY as bingos.

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Score = 413, highest point is "Sax" at 54 points.

First try... 415 with highest scoring word being FISHERS at 68.

Score- 412 Word- FRAMING with 62

man i need to do this again: score: 440, highest scoring word POX at 48 points.

Second try... 506 with highest scoring word being REEDITS for 70.

403. Mounter for 80 right at the end using the last 7 spots.

This is a really fun game!

They should make this an app

They should! Or at least integrate it into the regular Scrabble app.

Yeah, the regular Scrabble app is getting pretty old and hard to play.

Try 2- 502 points, word- whizzed for 69

Third try... 556 with highest scoring NITRATE for 64.

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