Forum Thread: Hey I Need to Ask a Question. Answer Needed Quick :-)

Quick Answers are appreciated.

So, I have a doubt , can we make words like this?
Lets say there's this word


And I add


So it would give me both the points of it and is right? And as far as th stands it can be extended to make that or this etc...

I need to know if this is right or wrong

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I messed up but the ell are supposed to be below sh , sorry

You can spell IT parallel to SHELL and get points for IT, IS, and TH. However, TH is not a word, so you wouldn't be able to play this move anyway, as you cannot build in more than one direction in each turn.

Am I right in thinking that if I run out of moves and decide to play an anonymous person, that it's possible for that person to have a bingo all ready, by rejecting several games till they get the letters they need in the rack, to make the bingo? Feel sure that this has happened to me, also followed up not much later by another bingo.

Probably in the wrong thread now. I was on a page dealing with cheaters.

I have a question if only half the word is currect would they get those points after challenged or no points?

If the bag is empty and I've used up all my letters but my partner can still make words, is she allowed to keep making words until she can't? The rules say when you use your last tile OR when there are no words left to play. She feels that means if she can still play a word she can keep on going, even though I've used my last tile.

Nope, once you've used all your letters and the bag is empty, the game is over. Technically, after that, she would subtract the leftover points on her rack from her total score and you would add them to your score.

The "no words left to play" part of the rule regards when you both have letters left but there's no spots on the board where either of you can place an acceptable word.

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