Scrabble Crafts

News: Laser-Etched Scrabble Coasters Look Like Legitimate Letter Tiles!

If you're not into making your own Scrabble coasters out of Scrabble tiles, these are the next best thing (though a little more complicated). And better than having tons of tiles on the same coaster is just being one tile itself, so you can make words out of the coasters! Though these are undeniably cool, Pete Prodoehl of RasterWeb!, the mastermind behind these coasters, is calling this his beta versions. Why? Some minor problems with sanding, cork, and staining. I still think they look prett...

News: Avatar Charm Bracelets — Made from Real SCRABBLE tiles

IslandGirlzJewelry over on Etsy has transformed ordinary SCRABBLE tiles into elaborate jewelery that both SCRABBLE fans and Avatar fans will appreciate. If you're the crafty type, I'm sure you could use this as an example to create your own earrings or bracelets using some old SCRABBLE tiles. If not, you could always just buy theirs. But it seems like all the fun is in doing it yourself!

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