Forum Thread: Duplicate Scrabble

Duplicate Scrabble (  is a luck-free version of scrabble that I would like to see on the iPhone.   I'm used to Words w/ Friends so it would be best for me if Zynga would offer it....but I'm wondering if anybody anywhere offers it for the iPhone......?

Forum Thread: Scrabble game help

playing scrabble currently with a buddy of mine and we're down to the last. I have six tiles and he has 2 tiles. He has 410 pts and I am on 393 pts. What would be my best play in this situation. I have seen some that give me 23, 26 pts but they are just not enough to offset the amt he will gain from spelling out his hand, and taking pts from my remaining tiles. Let me know when you can guys.

Forum Thread: Moldicide. Make Words or Die.

Moldicide is a word scramble (anagram) game with a colourful indie art style. It rewards vocabulary and speed, as every word made helps to keep back the approaching horde of moldies (cartoon zombies controlled by mold). You play as Chao the janitor, who, along with his sidekick, the Italian cappuccino machine Mr. Ernesto, try to save the world from the terrible Moldies. Stop these dastardly things by guessing passwords to the installation's weapon systems! Bigger words equal bigger weapons th...

Forum Thread: Frequency and Points Distribution

Long story, but I'll keep it short - does anybody have any ideas on calculating the points distribution for scrabble letters using the Albanian alphabet (which has 36 letters)? Secondary question is how many tiles should be used given that the alphabet contains 36, rather than 26? I've worked out the frequency distribution of the letters.

Forum Thread: Wordsnap for Windows Phone

Wordsnap is an addictive word game where you play online against your friends and other random players. The objective in Wordsnap is to create as many valid words as possible by combining up to 8 letters. A game consists of three rounds and each round lasts for 2 minutes. In each round some of the letters are marked with bonus tags which adds more points when used to form a word. Each player is assigned a rating which increases/decreases as games are won or lost. By comparing your rating agai...

Forum Thread: Challenging Word Game on Facebook

Hey game lovers. I have recently published my flash word game as a facebook app. This game will challenge your vocabulary, spelling, memory and typing skills. It also uses the scrabble dictionary (more or less) so if you are looking for a fun single-player way to hone up on your scrabble skills check out Word Fighter:

Forum Thread: Will you help?

We need 100 signatures on this petition so we can alert Mattel that we want the dictionary updated and timer fixed on Scrabble Worldwide (excluding US and Canada).  Please sign it and leave a comment if there is something specific you want improving on this version of Scrabble.  Thank you so much for your time.  Sue

Forum Thread: TSP Compatability

Hi, Has anyone cracked the problem of missing tiles when running 'The Scrabble Player' program, which ceased to work from Windows XP onwards. I have managed to load it onto a memory stick and get it working, sort of, on Windows 7 but the tiles are still missing.

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