Forum Thread: BattleWords! Dovora Interactive's Amazing Word-Game!

BattleWords is a turn-based multiplayer word game for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Enter the matchmaking queue for random opponents or invite your friends to play. Create words on the 4x4 tile board by swiping adjacent letters. Earn additional score by making lengthy words and by using special tiles. Special tiles include bonus tiles which are worth more points, time tiles that award extra gametime, and power tiles for the ultimate word scoring opportunity. Online games consist of three turns at a minimum of 60 seconds per turn and the winner is the player which the highest combined score.


In BattleWords there are Normal games in which used tiles are replaced with new tiles, any given word can be made as many times as possible. The other mode is Sticky in which used tiles remain on the board and a word can therefore only be made once but you can often make variations of the word or similar words (example: hi, hit, hits, hitter).


  • matchmaking to find random opponents
  • 4 types of tiles: regular, bonus, power & time
  • two game modes: normal and sticky
  • 480 avatars to choose from for your profile
  • plenty of stats and achievements
  • ability to chat with opponents


You can play BattleWords in the following languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Get your game face on and prepare to scrabble down words to the best of your ability!



Windows 10 Mobile:

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This word app game is just great. Love the fact that you can either challenge your friends, or play by yourself. If you like simple word games, then I can really recommend trying this one out!

Thank you for the great comment! Glad you liked our game!

I like the game very much! However, I have a question. What happens if an opponent does not finish the battle? It is reasonable that the person leading the game is the winner after x hours? I think so. It seems that players do not finish now unfortunately. They may not want the loss in the statistics?

Thank you for your review, Veckans Reducerade!

To answer your question:

Games automatically expire after two days of inactivity. How that is handled depends entirely upon the state of the match.

First scenario is when one player have more turns played than the other, in which case the player with the most turns played win. The winner gets a win in the record and the loser gets a loss, same as with matches that are finished normally.

The second scenario is when both players have played the same amount of turns but have not finished the match, in this case the match will simply end for both players.

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