News: The Many Ways to Play SCRABBLE

The Many Ways to Play SCRABBLE

If you're like me, you want to play Scrabble all the time.  But you can't drag your Scrabble board everywhere, without drawing attention.  Not to mention bringing it to work's probably a bad idea.

So, how do you play whenever you want?  Below are just some of the many ways you can play... in person, on your computer, with your iPod or iPhone, on Facebook... you name it, there's a way.  And you don't have to limit yourself to Scrabble brand games.  Similar word games are great for keeping sharp.

In Person

Handheld Devices



These are just a few of the many Scrabble or Scrabble-like word games out there, like Scramble and Jumble.  Do you know of any more?

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There is a new Scrabble-like clone available online. See
It features a plethora of dictionaries and languages.

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