Ogilvy & Mather SCRABBLE Video Ads: Syphilis... Constipation?!?

Do you have AMNESIA?  How about SYPHILIS?  Or have you gotten SODOMIZED?  Well, the people pictured below do, and I don't feel sorry for them, not at all——those words would kill on the SCRABBLE board!

Ogilvy & Mather SCRABBLE Video Ads: Syphilis... Constipation?!?

At the start of this millennium, the international advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather produced some eccentric SCRABBLE commercials for Mattel.  Simplistic, but specious, these SCRABBLE ads are anomalous in comparison to the way Americans perceive the game.  Hasbro's commercials for SCRABBLE are usually fun and family oriented, not to mention fluffy and forgettable, but Mattel's mindset is provocatively more uninhibited, attracting a different crowd of possible SCRABBLE players.

* You can see all five of these videos below.

Ogilvy & Mather SCRABBLE Video Ads: Syphilis... Constipation?!?

Ogilvy & Mather SCRABBLE Video Ads: Syphilis... Constipation?!?But it's not just Mattel, these creations are the love children of Ogilvy & Mather, who are known around the world as one of the best ad and marketing agencies ever. They helped make Dove the best-selling soap brand in the U.S., they designed Guinness's Guide to Oysters (a viral advertorial), and are responsible for American Express's "Don't Leave Home Without It" campaign.  They're also known for their work with disreputable companies, such as Asia Pulp & Paper (convicted of illegal logging), and their controversial ads, including the inflammatory and anti-American posters for the History Channel (which the History Channel suspiciously denies involvement in), and the viral Ford SportKa clip showing a cat being decapitated by a sunroof (you can see the video on YouTube).

Ogilvy & Mather SCRABBLE Video Ads: Syphilis... Constipation?!?

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The SCRABBLE Commercials

"Amnesia" 2001
"Syphilis" 2000
"Sodomised" or "Sodomized" 2000
"Dyslexia" 2001
"Constipation / Can't Go" 2001

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Ogilvy & Mather Website
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Gotta love Ogilvy. Their stuff is always amazing.

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