Forum Thread: Scrabble cheaters

Does anyone else hate Scrabble cheaters online, or is it just me?

I think using word builders and anagram solvers and whatever is fine for playing against yourself or the computer, because it helps you learn, but once you start playing with another human being, it becomes unfair.  Right?

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It honestly depends who I'm playing. Some people I play with casually IRL (they get to use word lists and the dictionary) so when we play online they get to use them just fine. Other people I have a strict competitive mindset with. Sometimes I'll use them for a game or two to help learn, but that's really what it's for. If someone expresses that they don't like them I won't go near them. Side note, if anyone wants to play on Facebook you can add me at :)

I think that in order for it to NOT be considered cheating, it must be fully disclosed that you are using it. And if everyone is using something, then it is an even playing field. However, sometimes it is SO TEMPTING because it is right there at your fingertips when you are online. That's why when I play someone who I have a competitive mindset with, we do it in person.

I'm often tempted to simply stop responding to a player who I feel is cheating, but I typically just consider it a challenge to try to beat them anyway. Typically a person who doesn't really understand Scrabble and just uses anagram solvers will have lots of other problems with their strategy that keeps them from playing a great game anyway. Just start playing defensively and keep the board closed...and then don't respond to rematch requests. But it still stinks!

I play against cheaters all the time. One of my best friends loves playing scrabble, and I play her all the time with my iPhone, even tho I know she uses cheater programs. I know because she admitted it. Big points make her eyes light up. But I don't care. I win some, lose some. It's just more challenging. But if it were somebody I didn't know and they didn't tell me they were cheating, I'd prob quit if I was sure.

let them know if you feel some cheating is going, and if they are cheaters i would quit as well for cheaters are cheaters. I find scrabble game is a mindset game, you learning strategies and such thing would not learn by scrabble cheater players.

A subject very dear to my heart! The Facebook Scrabble forum refuses to acknowledge the problem. I love playing online Scrabble but I'm fed up playing cheats! Anyone who feels the same and wants to play a proper fair game, please contact me and we can be Scrabble buddies :)

PS should have said, I'm in UK :)

Ah... then you probably play the other Scrabble Facebook game. There's two... one for North America and one for everyone else. I wish they'd open them up worldwide at least, letting people pick which ones they want to play.

I'm new to scrabble fever as a Word With Friends user for a few months now, and I was wondering how people felt about allowing/encouraging players to use basic word lists during play, say a single page 2-letter word list as way to even the playing field between novice and long-time scrabble players. I find it hard to remember the two-letter words that are the building blocks of many scrabble scoring strategies, though I know many expert players have them memorized.

When it comes to 2-letter lists, I don't think it's a big deal for someone to use them during play. I just assume everyone knows them already. I also believe that some apps (I think Scrabble) have the 2-letter list readily available for players. Now, if you're going into three-letter territory... it's a little different. On phone games, I'm not sure if I'd care, but in real life, I don't let anybody near any printed words, unless it's to challenge. You can't really challenge on these word game apps though.

for online scrabble my take is that anything in the app is fair play (dictionary, teacher, etc.) because they are resources anyone can use; word generators are not built into the game so i don't think they're appropriate. 

having said that, most word gen players are poor at strategy and pretty easy to pick apart if they can't create bingoes for themselves

don't see how anyone can really believe they have 'won' if they are using apps and the like. It must be quite a hollow victory

how can u tell if someone is cheating

I'm pretty sure I can tell when someone is using them, but I really don't care because they are providing me with challenge. I think there should be the option to use them if you say you are using them. This way, some weaker players could play with stronger players and they can both have a challenge. Take the mystery out of it. There is plenty of skill beyond finding possible words. I encourage my friends to use them when playing against me so we can both have fun as I'm a word person and otherwise tend to beat them, making it less fun for both of us. Maybe I'm weird, but just let people choose who to play by ELO score and whether they are planning to use tools. More varied that way.

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