News: The Ultimate SCRABBLE Word List Resource

The Ultimate SCRABBLE Word List Resource

To some, SCRABBLE is just a board game to play during family game night or during a casual get-together. Others think of SCRABBLE as a mere hobby. But with any activity, there will always be fanatics—the ones who would rather sell their soul than stop—the ones with a constant yearning for self-improvement—the merciless.

Now, fanaticism isn't a bad thing. Being obsessed with the betterment of one's knowledge is actually a great characteristic to have, despite the bad rap "obsession" gets. I'm definitely an "obsessed" individual (although my obsession doesn't just stop at SCRABBLE—I can be pretty OCD when it comes to things like organization and cleanliness).

So how does a lexical enthusiast improve? How does a word freak expand his/her vocabulary? How do you become the best dang SCRABBLE player in the world?

The answer is: WORD LISTS.

The regular household SCRABBLE fanatic might not ever look at a word list. They'd rather improve their game with simple frequent play. Perhaps they'll play SCRABBLE on the computer or online, learning new words through artificial intelligence or Facebook friends. But if you ever want to play in a SCRABBLE club or SCRABBLE tournament, you're going to have to expand your vocabulary beyond that.

There are usually two-types of SCRABBLE diehards, the ones who want to "memorize" the words and those who want to "learn" the words. To be the best SCRABBLE player in the world, memorization is probably the key to success because there is a plethora of acceptable words out there, and learning the meanings, too, could take a lifetime. But then, what's the point of learning a new word without discovering its definition?

Well, whichever type of SCRABBLE player you are, this webpage is meant to be the ultimate resource of word lists for all you logophiles, philologists, lexicographers, and cruciverbalists. This page will provide links where you can find SCRABBLE word list documents, word books, and improvement strategies.

If there is anything you think I should add to this list, please notify me of it in the comments below.


  1. Cool Words to Know from the National SCRABBLE Association (NSA) [.pdf]. "Learn the words on this page & watch your score skyrocket!" This download is from the School SCRABBLE Program and gives tips on landing Bingos (7-Letter Words) and lists all of the playable:
  • 2- and 3-Letter Words,
  • Q without U Words,
  • I Dumps (4-Letter Words with 2 I's),
  • U Dumps (3- and 4-Letter Words with 2 U's),
  • Vowel Dumps (for when you have too many vowels),
  • Short J Words,
  • Short Q Words,
  • Short X Words, and
  • Short Z Words.
  1. Important Words to Raise Your Score from the NSA [.pdf]. This 2-page download is a great resource to carry with you everywhere. It includes:
  • 2-Letter Words,
  • 3-Letter Words,
  • Short J Words,
  • Short Q Words,
  • Short X Words,
  • Short Z Words,
  • 2-Letter Words and Their Hooks,
  • Tips on Bingos,
  • U-Less Q Words,
  • I Dumps,
  • U Dumps, and
  • Vowel Dumps.
  1. Official Long Words List from the NASPA [.txt]. This file includes all of the acceptable 10-15 letter words NOT already in the Official Tournament and Club Word List (OWL or TWL). "The Official Long Words List has been compiled and created by the Dictionary Committee of the National Association. As of June 16, 2003, this list became the ONLY acceptable official long word list for use at sanctioned National Association Clubs and Tournaments."
  1. OWL2 Word Lists for Playing Competitive Scrabble from Mike Wolfberg
  1. Word Lists from the Seattle SCRABBLE Club #253. This includes the following topics, each with their own huge set of word lists. See their site for a complete list of what they have to offer.
  • Basic Word Lists
  • Transition to OWL2 Word Lists
  • Ken Clark's Word Lists for OWL2 & Long Words
  • Rebecca Slivka's Theme Word Lists


  1. Scrabble Word Lists from Adam Bozon. This houses "lots of useful word lists for use in Scrabble, Literati, Upwords, Boggle or any other word game." Lists include:
  1. Word of the Day from the National SCRABBLE Association (NSA). Learn a new word every day! The NSA Word of the Day includes its definition and possible anagrams, hooks, ana-hooks, "typos", blana-grams, extensions, and sub-anagrams. To understand exactly what these terms mean, visit the WOTD Glossary.
  1. SCRABBLE Word Lists from Hasbro. These lists come straight from the maker of the board game. "Are you at a loss for words? Turn your brain into a SCRABBLE database! The word lists below represent the most useful game words in SCRABBLE. Memorize the lists, and you'll soon find usable combinations appearing on your rack again and again."
  1. Scrabble's 2-Letter Words - Defined from Bryan Crow on WonderHowTo. Here you can find all of the 124 acceptable 2-letter words contained in the SOWPODS (international list), along with their definitions. Of these 124 words, 101 are also playable using the Official Tournament and Word List (OWL or TWL) or Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD) in North America.
  1. ANUS or ASSHOLE? from tenebrism (yes, me). This list, which will be continually updated, is focused on "dirty" words which can be played in SCRABBLE.
  • Legitimate "DIRTY" and Offensive Word Alternatives — This list gives offensive word acceptable alternatives that you can play in any SCRABBLE game, like TRIBADE instead of LESBO or ANUS instead of ASSHOLE. Includes definitions.
  • Legitimate "DIRTY" and Offensive Words with Alternate Definitions — This one gives all of the offensive words that you can play in SCRABBLE, albeit, with their polysemic definitions. Examples: DICK equals a detective, JACKASS equals a male donkey, and TITTIES equals sisters.
  • Legitimate "DIRTY" and Offensive Words in Tournament Play — These are all of the offensive words excluded from the OSPD4 but included in the OWL2. Includes definitions. Examples: ABO, DICKED, GRINGO, and JISM.
  1. Possible New SCRABBLE Words? from tenebrism (yep... me again). Here you can find a small list of the rumored new words that will make it into the next SCRABBLE Dictionary (OSPD5), along with some of my "WISHLIST" words.
  1. Word Lists for Playing Competitive Scrabble from Mike Wolfberg. This page links to some word lists contained within Wolfberg's website. The lists include:
  1. OWL2 Word Lists for Playing Competitive Scrabble from Mike Wolfberg. This page links to the word lists contained within Wolfberg's website. The lists include:
  1. Word Combinations for Scrabble from Melfic. This Scrabble word list webpage lists some common words and tons of possible word combinations, including:
  • TWL96 6+2 Unistem Words in Reverse Probability Order,
  • SOWPODS96 6+2 Unistem Words in Reverse Probability Order,
  • Common Two-, Three- and Four-Letter Words,
  • Common Five-Letter Words,
  • Common Six-Letter Words,
  • Common Seven-Letter Words,
  • Common Eight-Letter Words, and
  • SOWPODS 2000 4+4 Compounds (Concatenation of two 4-letter words).
  1. Scrabble Word List from Word Find. On this page, which also has a helpful word finder (up to 12 letters), you'll get a quick list of useful words to help you master the game of Scrabble, and even Lexulous, Annagrammer and Wordscraper. They include the following:


  1. Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary, Fourth Edition (OSPD4) by Merriam-Webster. Anyone who plays SCRABBLE in North America should own this dictionary. It's the most relevant for school and at-home play, and can also be used for competitive play (although the OWL2 contains all the words expurgated from the OSPD4). It can be found in hardcover, paperback, illustrated hardcover, and large print.
  1. Official Tournament and Club Word List, 2nd Edition (OWL2) by Merriam-Webster. This is the official word source for tournament SCRABBLE players in North America. It includes all of the words listed in the OSPD4, with the addition of 9-letter words, inflections, and expurgated words from the OSPD4. No definitions. 505 pages. Paperback. And don't purchase one of these books for an outrageous price. Amazon sellers list it anywhere from $100 to $400, but it can be purchased for a mere $15 at Word Gear (link above).
  1. Official Long Words List from the NSA & Merriam-Webster. "This word source has been compiled and created by the National SCRABBLE Association's (NSA) Dictionary Committee in conjunction with Merriam- Webster, Inc. The ONLY official word list used to adjudicate words longer than nine letters at sanctioned NSA clubs and tournaments." But you don't have to spend money on this book, because you can download an online version for free (found in the Documents section above).
  1. Everything Scrabble by Joe Edley & John Williams (Pocket Books). "For both the beginner and the seasoned pro, this how-to book from the National Scrabble Association offers all the keys to better play ... Featuring a rare interview with the SCRABBLE game inventor, the late Alfred Mosher Butts, this extensively illustrated guidebook covers all facets of the game and worldwide SCRABBLE culture, including the clubs, tournaments, champions and rules, and playing SCRABBLE with children, plus a complete history of the game." It's also available on Amazon.
  1. Bob's Bible: Words, Anagrams and Hooks by Robert Gillis. "Bob's Bible is the comprehensive distillation of the word knowledge you need to become a superior Scrabble player. It's perfect for browsing, reference or all-out study! It's a must-have for any ardent player of the game of Scrabble, be they beginner or World Champion ... All of the National Scrabble Association-acceptable two- to eight-letter words are alphabetically listed and each word is annotated with all of its hooks (one letter extensions) and anagrams (words using exactly the same letters). When you look up HARKENED you'll find that DAKERHEN is the obscure anagram. You'll discover that LUNCH and RIOT can be hooked with the letter G to make GLUNCH and GRIOT . PICTURES anagrams to both CUPRITES and the unexpected PIECRUST! And the delightful surprises go on and on!" There's also a School Edition, Big Print Edition, and Sdrawkcab Edition (Backwards).
  1. SCRABBLE Wordbook by Mike Baron (Sterling Publishing). "Whether at an official tournament or a home kitchen table, every SCRABBLE player wants to be a winner—and these specially selected words and expert hints are guaranteed to boost scores. Based on the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, Fourth Edition (currently one of the bestselling games and puzzles books) and with foreword by World SCRABBLE Champion Brian Cappelletto, this is the equivalent of an intensive training course. Complete with winning word lists, such as those that combine high-scoring letters, those that have a preponderance of vowels, and those that allow multiple I and U dumps, it also offers tips on hitting triple-triples and achieving those elusive 7-letter bingos." Also available on Amazon.
  1. The Scrabble Word-Building Book by Saleem Ahmed (Pocket Books). This book has been recently revised and updated (finally... after nearly 16 years), and focuses on building off of your opponent's words. It contains a list of 94 2-letter words, over 800 3-letter words, 8-letter words that can be formed from 7-letter words, and every word up to 7 letters long that you can play. Also available on Amazon. This is a good book, but Bob's Bible and the SCRABBLE Wordbook offer more for all players, from novice to expert.
  1. The Official Scrabble Brand Word-Finder: The Ultimate Playing Companion to America's Favorite Word Game by Robert W. Schachner (Black Dog & Leventhal). This is "designed with one thing in mind: scoring big points. The method is simple--present as many playable words as possible, in one place, for easy reference during a game. Over 60,000 high-scoring words are arranged alphabetically by first letter and by inside letters, providing the widest array of possible word variations." Also available on Amazon. It sounds good, right? Some players might actually find this helpful, but most will not. It's outdated and missing obvious words, its 3-letter words from 2-letter words list is clearly incomplete, and it's extremely hard to navigate. I'd suggest staying away from this one, but I felt it necessary to list anyways, perhaps as a warning.
  1. The Official Scrabble Puzzle Book by Joe Edley (Pocket Books). This is not a word list book, but a puzzle book to help you get better at building words on the board. There's "800 puzzles to sharpen your thinking and hone your crossword skills" and you can "discover tips, shortcuts, and special plays in actual game situations, and a battery of increasingly complex puzzles as you learn to play with the pros." It's pretty helpful to any player, not to mention fun. Instead of doing your daily crossword puzzle, do one of these SCRABBLE puzzles. Highly recommended. Also available on Amazon
  1. The Big Book of SCRABBLEgrams (Scrabble Brand Grams) by Sterling Publishing. "Put on your thinking caps and get ready to solve some SCRABBLEgrams: the pen-and-paper reinterpretation of the favorite board game played by more than 100 million people around the world. These innovative puzzles, just like the popular ones syndicated in newspapers nationwide, provide endless fun in an easy-to-understand Scrabble-based format. To play, make a 2 to 7 letter word from the tiles pictured on the page. Then add up your score in the boxes on the right. Compete against your own best scores, or compare your words to the "best answers" given in the solution. Once you've started solving SCRABBLEgrams, you'll never go back to ordinary word games again!" This is a really helpful spiral-bound puzzle book, just like the above mentioned Official Scrabble Puzzle Book. Worth every penny.
  1. Word Nerd Books by Peter Schwartzman. Schwartman publishes his own SCRABBLE puzzles books, which include tons of great puzzles, like anagrams for 7- and 8-letter words, hooks for 2- and 3-letter words, vowel dumps, and consonant dumps. His books are the Word Nerd Workbook #1 and #2, and the Word Nerd Puzzler #1 and #2. You can purchase these products in print or in an ebook CD.

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I've compiled a series of word lists which you might find useful - Z/X/J/Q words, two letter scrabble words, vowel-only words, consonant-only words etc.

Thanks! I added it to the list.

Nice, good resource. I will check out some of those links.

Thanks, it will be of big help to me. It will be an additional resource to me. I am a scrabble fanatic, I have already my scrabble word finder but I am also searching for an additional resources.

There are plenty of interesting resources in other languages as well. I know a German site gathering word lists by topic (like city names you are allowed to play). The link to this forum is

what is up with the scrabble dictionary. no celcius (or fahrenheight) but it includes "kelvin" and "faraday." Actually the word I was looking for was "brix", but it is not included. "Treachery" is also missing and some others that don't come to mind right away. has moved to, worth updating this list.

I run a scrabble website that have quite a few word lists and where you can create your own word list with a word generator. You can find it at Scrabble Word Finder.

I hope you will find it useful.

I haven't attempted this game yet.. but, it looks kinda equivalent to Scrabble Word Finder. I will like this because I love board games.

I'd recommend adding The Word Unscrambler to your list - it's mobile friendly. Very annoying when on your phone and the site looks funky.

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