SCRABBLE, Sex & Wine: How One Man Gets the Girls in Bed

How One Man Gets the Girls in Bed

SCRABBLE, Sex & Wine: How One Man Gets the Girls in BedSCRABBLE may seem like a board game for word nerds only, but believe it or not, SCRABBLE can be used to lure thousands of hot women into your bed... at least that's what Clive Worth claims.

Now, I wouldn't put much faith in his "words", but somewhere in this world of lonely bachelors, people are listening to him.

Worth has penned multiple self-help dating books, including A Serial Shagger's Guide to Internet Dating: My 1001 Lovers, in which the "ex-miner turned serial shagger, sex god and love guru" has "dated and had sexual relationships with over 1,001 women after being introduced to them via internet dating services."  So, what's the secret behind this internet dater from the little Welsh village of Pontyates?  He says SCRABBLE.

"What I used to get these women, to come here, to stay with me and into bed with me was Scrabble.  Now, all women have played Scrabble.  Most women like the game, and most of these women on dating sites have split up with men who have used them just for sex.  And they're tired of it and looking for love now, and affection, and you can tell them that you want sex, they won't admire it.  But tell them you want to meet them and have a game of Scrabble with them, that will appeal to them.  So, this is my secret of success, you see, playing Scrabble.  And I had all these women come here just to play Scrabble with me, and every time it led to sex."

SCRABBLE, Sex & Wine: How One Man Gets the Girls in Bed

I admit, I'm a bit skeptical.  Or maybe just a tad jealous.  How could this guy, this ordinary old man, get thousands of women in his bed?  I don't believe it.

But maybe the game of SCRABBLE is just too much to keep the women from baring all, from hopping into bed and tearing off all their clothes.  Perhaps just being in the presence of a man with lexical charm and alluring smarts is enough for chicks to drop their defenses (and their panties).  Knowing all the possible 2-letter words, like ZA and QI, could drive the females wild.  Maybe SCRABBLE is the aphrodisiac that we've all been looking for...

Or maybe it's just the wine...

As he goes on to tell his SCRABBLE sex secret, he also mentions that there's wine involved.  Bottles of it.

"Playing the game, sitting next to them while they drank wine got them exited, and as the wine went to their heads, their eyes would light up with a big smile on their face.  Soon they would be enjoying the game with me rubbing into them as we played.  Then we would start kissing, the kisses would get longer and warmer and they would soon be wanting more.  The game would be on hold as we would just fall over and make passionate love.  It worked every time."

So is Clive Worth a love guru sexpert, or is he just another pervert on the road to imprisonment?  Is intoxicating women something to be proud of?  I guess so, if all of your finances revolve around the fact that you claim to have slept with over 1,000 women.

I'm not encouraging this SCRABBLE sexcapade, but hey, if you're that desperate, more power to you.  If she's kinky, maybe try a game of Dirty SCRABBLE.

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