News: Extreme Scrabbling

Extreme Scrabbling

If you thought playing Scrabble in your grandparents' kitsch and musty old house was your most dangerous gaming experience, you haven't heard of Extreme Scrabble yet.

Instead of Scrabblers searching for their highest play possible, they're now getting their thrills playing the game in some of the world's scariest environments.  From the depths of the sea to the heights of the troposphere, Extreme Scrabble is the new, hair-raising way to play.

Scuba divers playing on a sunken ship in the Bahamas surrounded by sharks
Skydivers Ramsey Kent & Nicole Angelides play 13,000 feet about Florida
(1) Gamekeepers in South Africa play amongst lionesses Meg & Amy, (2) More lion action
Two players risk life and limb playing beside alligators in Florida
Mountain climbers battle 200 feet up a Castell Helen sea cliff in North Wales
(1) Two women play in a New Zealand ice cave... (2) And near Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Sources: ChooseUrFun / BoardGameGeek

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WTF... weird. how you gonna top those JUSTIN?

I played amidst a war. Sadly, I have no photos.

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