News: Fighting Dirty in SCRABBLE

Fighting Dirty in SCRABBLE

I can't tell if this is supposed to be stand-up comedy or serious instructions, but it's still a cool video.

Mehal Shah takes us through the world of SCRABBLE, and how to fight dirty.  He shows us how to beat anyone, anytime, anywhere, and at any cost.

Here runs through some clean and some dirty ways to play, like playing defensively, closing off the board, dealing with bingos, bingo mistakes, controlling triple word tiles, using your vocabulary, getting chaotic, dictionary trickery, challenges, bluffs, and alternate spellings.

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In case you are wondering, there are a bunch of talks like these on Ignite is a mini convention that happens in a bunch of cities around the world, featuring five-minute talks on a pretty wide range of subjects.

I'm flattered that you think this might be stand-up :-).

I've checked out the site, but I'll definitely have to dig into it more! It's a great concept.

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