News: Kylie Minogue Plays Scrabble?

Kylie Minogue Plays Scrabble?

Apparently, the Aussie pop singer is quite the Scrabble player.  At least, that's what the word is.

Kylie Minogue Plays Scrabble?

An article in 2009 from reports that a very close friend of Minogue is tired of losing:

"We quite often have marathon Scrabble competitions. Kylie has the game down to a fine art - she knows how to score big and doesn't mess around. She pretty much always wins."

Contactmusic, in 2003, reports that Mingoue and her sister Dannii play an evil game of Scrabble with "The Satanic Verses" author Salman Rushdie.

"Salman loves playing with Kylie and Dannii. He says the competition is rough, but that he wins because he plays 'streetwise' Scrabble"

In 2002, on, Minogue reveals some of her secrets to winning and high scoring:

"Utilize a poker face in necessary situations [and] most importantly, learn ridiculous yet usable two letter words to score big and help you place those high point ties."

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