Forum Thread: Playing Scrabble 2009 online?

Just bought the PC version. When I login in it seems I'm either in the French lobby or the only people who ever play are French... any ideas? Are there separate lobbies for each language? Or just one lobby for everyone?

Also I never see any games in progress even with 20 or so ppl online. However if I changed my Scrabble configuration setup to French then I do see games in progress, and I can join games in French!

I asked support but they are not much help. I'm in the UK. Thanks.

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Perhaps I'm not asking the right question... so let me ask another: are there a healthy number of people still playing Scrabble 2009 online in English? I ask this cos Ubisoft support say only the French are playing it.

Hmm.  That's a tough question.

I can't say for sure, since I no longer own a Windows computer, so I can't play that particular game.

I would think there's some English games going on.  Can't see there not being any, unless most of the English players moved onto to iPhones and iPads.

Here's a video I found from last year of a game in English.

I would think if it were mostly French, Ubisoft would state that in some manner of the package. 

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