Need INFO on good online SCRABBLE game to play against computer on the computer-  FOR WINDOWS 7

I had a good SCRABBLE GAME ON OLD computer (COMPUTER BROKE DOWN ) with XP-- It seems that that the game was UBISOFT---It does not work on W7

Trying to find something similar - My skill is not expert , but it's up there.  Would appreciate any help-


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Hello Ralph, I have been looking desperately for that older version of scrabble with ubisoft and you can choose CPU players. I would love to purchase it from you are get a copy.

Was your game called SCRABBLE Interactive: 2005 Edition?

Since there doesn't seem to be any SCRABBLE games for download or purchase yet that are specifically Windows 7 compatible, there's really only one good option if you want to play against a computer online...

Pogo: SCRABBLE is probably your best option, because it doesn't require a download.  And you don't have to sign up to play against "Robot" players; you can simply play a quick game as a guest.

But if you sign up, you can play against the "Robot" at different difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert or Master), and you have the option of playing against other online players in different free game rooms.  The only real downfall of playing on Pogo are the ads that are plastered all over the screen.  It's not that big of deal, but it could become annoying if you let it.

If you're a paid member, you can play against other paid "Club Pogo" members, earning badges and rewards at the same time.  Plus, NO ADS.  But if you can suck up the advertising, don't bother paying... just bother playing.  Who wants to pay an annual fee to play SCRABBLE?

There are other options online, but most require a social play and no solo games against AI, like Facebook and the Internet SCRABBLE Club.  And there are programs, like SCRABBLE Champion Edition and SCRABBLE Plus PC, that aren't specifically for Windows 7, but are rumored to work just fine, although there is no online play.

Hope I answered your question.  If anyone else knows of a better way to play, please post a response.


Thanks For the response--My Old Scrabble  goes back to before 2001-and it seems that it was something with the name UBISOFT on it. I saw this term on the net- Is it  a company --

I didn't know that there are no online SCRABBLE games on w7 yet--Do you also mean no vista either ? I do have W7 professional which works for XP, but my Old SCRABBLE wont work there , But maybe a new  ONLINE XP equivelant  would do the trick.

I have tried the free trial version of POGO scrabble , but I didn't like the picture and so I avoided the paying one.

I just want to  play against the computer with a nice full screen background- I would like W7 and if takes Vista , I know that my W7 will work-- On last resort , I will go for an XP version ---

Would appreciate your recs  Free or Pay -- are there any trial runs of try before you buy of HASBRO?


When you fnd one invite me and maybe we could have a game looking for online scrabble gamers for evening past time

Firstly, Ubisoft is a company, a video game publisher / developer to be precise.  The only game I could find by them predating 2001 was SCRABBLE (1999), which was originally playable on Windows 95 and 98, but probably worked fine on your XP machine.  Does a game this old even have ONLINE capabilities?  I can't find real specifics for the game.

Secondly, there are "online" games for Windows 7, but as of yet, there aren't any downloadable or disc versions.  That just means you can play things like Pogo and Facebook without downloading software.  If you're looking for online play with a full screen board, ISC's WordBiz could be the way to go, but it's purely online play against other Scrabblers (no computer opponents), and it's not the prettiest way to play, either.  It doesn't specify which Windows OS's it will work on though.

But you're looking for computer opponents, so…

Here are some recommendations that could work:

1. Scrabble Interactive - 2009 Edition:  It's full screen play with computer opponents (and also made by Ubisoft).  You could find it on Amazon, possibly in stores.  It runs on both Vista and XP.  Could cost you between $10 and $20, depending on where you look.

2. Scrabble Interactive - 2007 Edition:  It's basically the same as the 2009 version, just a little older.  Still runs on Vista and XP.  It'll probably be a little cheaper than the newer version.

3. Scrabble Champion Edition: This is a version of what I play on my computer.  It's simple, very simple.  And it's not full screen (at least not on my computer... I have a Mac).  There's no online play.  It's purely computer opponents.  Runs on Vista, XP, Me, 2000 and 98.  It's relatively cheap at about $6 or $7.

4. Scrabble PLUS:  This is a new game out that runs on Vista, XP or 2000.  It has the classic game, plus it has different versions, like Scrabble Golf.  I prefer to stick with the classic version, so all of these new and "fun" games are a turn off, but it does have the real version.  I hear (or read) this game works fine for Windows 7 users, but I'm not sure if it has an online play option.  I think this is about $20, but there is a FREE TRIAL you can download, but it only works for 60 minutes, supposedly.

Hope this helps.  I haven't really found a Scrabble program I'm in love with, so I tend to play my games across multiple programs and platforms (i.e. Scrabble for Facebook and iPod, Scrabble for Mac, Pogo, WordBiz and so forth).

Also, there's one gigantic board available here: Spotted at Kottke. Play with anyone and everyone, and just don't call it Scrabble. 

Wordipelago seems similar to the idea, but its more interactive and has normal 2/3/4 way Scrabble too. I'm liking it :-)

I always play facebook scrabble. Its a good place to find friends too that you can chat to as well as play. Watch out for people using though, somtimes its a pain because they wont start cheating until either they are losing or halfway through. Personally I just ignore the fact that my stats are damaged and quit the game instantly if I suspect they are cheating but I guess it comes down to judgement. I had someone use DRAGOON on triple word score last night. I quit straight away. Its hard to tell, but I dont think they know what dragoon is. ZINCOUS was another.

Matt, quitting early is being a worse sport than them cheating, because you don't actually know if they are or not. I can understand the frustration, but rather than expecting them to know your preferences in advance, why not just clarify at the start of the game?

As a free alternative you can try this one :

Not too bad, not too dirty, 100% free with no registration

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