Forum Thread: Advice on word spacing when playing scrabble

I need some help please!
So me and my girl friend Phoebe were playing a game of scrabble a few weeks back...

We were using The Oxford English dictionary in which to check and clarify words with.

Phoebe wanted to play the word ZOOT. But when looking it up in the dicitionary it comes under :
Zoot Suit

I was very un-happy with allowing this but she claimed it was okay to use ZOOT and not in full as it stated in the dictionary. 
There is no ZOOT, only ZOOT SUIT so my question is.
If a word or phrase has a space between it but is only classed as one word, can it still be used.
As there is no ZOOT i personally don't think it should have been allowed? 
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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5 Responses

It all depends on where you are playing.

In North America, ZOOT is not listed as an acceptable word in any of the Scrabble dictionaries or word lists. In fact, the National Scrabble Association (NSA) even used ZOOT as an example in their clarification of Rule #8 below.

"8. Any words found in a standard dictionary are permitted except those capitalized, those designated as foreign words, abbreviations and words requiring apostrophes or hyphens. Consult a dictionary only to check spelling or usage."

"Two- or three-word entries also are not acceptable, nor can one of those words be allowed if it is not a main listing or variant form. ZOOT of ZOOT SUIT and NUCLEIC of NUCLEIC ACID do not satisfy Rule 8 because they are not listed as separate entries. For the same reason, INASMUCH is not acceptable because dictionaries always list it as part of two words: INASMUCH AS."

Funny thing is, the word ZOOTY is listed, supposedly a derived term in the Scrabble Dictionary:

Perhaps ZOOT will be included in the 5th edition of the Scrabble Dictionary. Until then, either don't accept the word unless it's from your chosen dictionary, play outside of the U.S. where it is accepted (Collins Scrabble Dictionary), or just let your girlfriend win yet another battle!

I won the Old professor with the physics word ' ZEROTH'.

It's so interesting playing scrabble. Apart from being interesting, it's a NO DUMBSMAN GAME. I wanna be one of the best in the WORLD.

Once your words are spaced, I dont think they are accepted in scrabble.

scrabble rules were changed to allow thing like that i.e. inkjet would be acceptable despite only appearing under 'inkjet printer'

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