WordnRoll: A Great Puzzle Word Game for iPhone and iPad

WordnRoll wants players to get super fast in composing words by juggling with letters. It is a combination of famous games. Letters fall down and words can be formed by scrolling rows of letters left or right and dropping single letters.

The letters fit exactly together and as word artist players will learn to create better words with the highest score. Are you not in shape or do the letters drop too fast? Beware! It's a definitive GAME OVER as the rows of letters touch the top edge.

Image via mzstatic.com


  • Train playfully your vocabulary in single or multiplayer
  • Check your results on the statistics page and see how quickly your game improves
  • Challenge your friends and invite them to a game
  • Play realtime, directly against a friend without waiting for your turn
  • Do you have a word of four letters or bonus words than your opponent gets extra rows on its roof
  • Chat with each other while playing

WordnRoll is multi-language and now includes an iPad version and improved tutorial! Check it out for free in the iOS App Store.

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