Forum Thread: multiple online games with the same player

hi, i prefer to delete multiple game requests that are randomly generated while playing someone online (especially if we are playing for the first time); however some people seem to think it's because i am shopping tiles and that is not the case. to eliminate this bias, i've decided to enter an "already playing" comment before deleting the subsequent game. thoughts?

Forum Thread: Prope names without intent?

Here's the scenario, if someone puts a word thinking and intending it to be a particular meaning, then that word is challenged and it turns out that it is not a real word, but instead is another word (in this case it turns out it was a name of a drug), then should the person still get the points? For example, someone puts 'agria' thinking it means a substrate. It is challenged and it turns out not to mean substrate. But upon further research it is the name of some drug. We're playing that pro...

Forum Thread: Your personal records

What are your proudest accomplishments? My highest scoring word was WHITENER for 176 points, played in the upper left corner. My longest word was NOVOCAINE for 92 points. I chained it off of "NO" that I had played two turns earlier :D My top scoring game was 452, but it was using the international words list so a bit different.

Forum Thread: Y! Literati Cheating and False Accusations of Cheating

I love playing Y! Literati. I worked hard on my own to go from a provisional player, a player with a 1500 rating, to a player with a rating well above 2100. One thing that greatly bothers me is the fact that there's so many out there who are quick to point the finger that you're cheating, especially when you use all 7 tiles and make 2 or 3 bingo bonuses during the game. It's not like a person has control over the letters are distributed or what letters are distributed for that matter.I've als...

Forum Thread: Yard sale board??????Kinda different...

Just bought a weird new Scrabble game at a yard sale, never seen one like it before, even online.Wooden box, board is hinged off the top. It also has another hinge to open up where the tile racks, tiles are stored. Has stainless steel cribbage-like pegs and holes on the tile racks to keep score. Theres a stainless button on the bottom of the box with a logo on it, logo is also on the velvet tile bag. It's a weird script, looks like braun? Anybody ever seen one like this?

Forum Thread: Scrabble for one?

Hi All Just joind the group. I love playing scrabble, and was just wondering if its possible to play scrabble by yourself on a actual board, not computer. Or if there any games to play using the board. Any suggestions would be great.

Forum Thread: Not a spoil-sport, just a baby!

Hey people help!  How does anyone handle this situation:  for a run of 4 or 5 games straight, no matter what, every draw i take nets me single point tiles.  My worthy opponent reaches into the bag and finds F's and H's. and J's and P's and the X and the Z, 3 s's and at least one blank etc.  I reach into the bag and return with 2 U's 3 I's some T's and R's.  I can stay fairly even for a while playing off her high point tiles, but as the game goes on the single pointers just can't do it.


I just got a scrabble game  called champion edition  and  when I  tried to insert a word  called  "EA ", it was rejected. This was always acceptable on other games before and so after lots of searching, it appears that there is a purely AMERICAN scrabble  dictionary  by Mirriam webster which this game uses.

Forum Thread: Please try (grows on you)

A new word game that will literally grow on you. When you use your letters in the tray you increase the size of your playing field. The word game is constantly growing and shrinking at the same time. Very simple and enjoyable concept. Compete daily against the rest of the world.   Enjoy! Warning ! Highly addictive. Come armed with 30 minutes.

Forum Thread: Playing Scrabble 2009 online?

Just bought the PC version. When I login in it seems I'm either in the French lobby or the only people who ever play are French... any ideas? Are there separate lobbies for each language? Or just one lobby for everyone? Also I never see any games in progress even with 20 or so ppl online. However if I changed my Scrabble configuration setup to French then I do see games in progress, and I can join games in French!I asked support but they are not much help. I'm in the UK. Thanks.