News: Zynga Scrabble clone Words With Friends available on Android

Zynga Scrabble clone Words With Friends available on Android


I actually started playing it. Scrabble on the Android recently has a design change, one which I don't like. There's no separation of letters and all of the colors make it an eyesore— mainly because they all blend into together. Words with Friends is actually better looking and less clunky— it works smoothly. The only thing not good about Words with Friends— there's no records. You can see that you won or lost games, but there's no statistics, something Scrabble has. All in all, they both have flaws, but if you're not worried about stats and using the actual Scrabble dictionary, go with Words with Friends. If you can't accept zen as a word and want to see your Scrabble rating— stick with EA's Scrabble.

I've played Words With Friends (I downloaded the app for my iPhone at my uncle's urging), and although I'm awesome at Scrabble (and even Lexulous on Facebook) I found it terribly difficult! Something about this game just feels different from Scrabble - I much prefer the original!

The word list is definitely different. I think Scrabble's new design on the iPhone sucks, though, not to mention slow. Words with Friends is fast, mainly because it doesn't have to connect with Facebook to play. I play both now, one for fun, fast-paced games and the other for more beefy (and recordable) competition.

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