News: Would You Play CLITORIS Against Your Grandmother?

Would You Play CLITORIS Against Your Grandmother?

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Definitely. I won't hold back, especially for 63 points. Though, I'd probably spell LICTORS and HIC for 71.

Lictors 'sounds' just as bad!

I played vulva as my first move (they played first) once against a random opponent once and they promptly resigned. I guess they thought I enjoyed playing "vulgar" words and didn't like my type! :) So sometimes I do look for an alternative word when I don't know the opponent unless it would be a big point sacrifice, especially for really bad words. Typically, people who are just casual players wanting a family-friendly game are not really devotees of the game, and are usually an easy win, anyway.

Funny. I think I had that happen to me once. It's probably a good idea to do what you do and play it safe for strangers online, though in a physical game I would still go with VULVA or #$%@ORIS or LEZ or whatever. It's fun to see their reaction, but not fun to have some quit on you online.

No, my grandmother would play it on me

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