News: What Does Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty Have to Do with Scrabble?

What Does Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty Have to Do with Scrabble?

I'm not much for politics, but I do like to keep tabs on our elected government officials from time to time, since I am a registered voter and believe that every one should vote (unless they're just voting to say they voted). This pretty much means I pay attention to my local and state officials, the presidential candidates, and of course, any political scandal that makes me chuckle.

When I heard that Tim Pawlenty was officially running for president, I was surprised to have recognized the name, since I am not (or ever was) a resident of Minnesota. Even after watching yesterday's "A Time for Truth" video below, which was the forerunner to his official announcement today, it took a while for me to recollect how I knew him.

At first, I thought it was because he was mentioned to be the leading candidate for the vice-presidential nomination on the Republican ticket with John McCain in the 2008, but no, that wasn't it. So, what was the connection I so vaguely remembered?

Since this is a Scrabble blog, you can probably guess it has something to do with Scrabble.

About a year ago I wrote a post outlining all of the Scrabble commercials I could find on the web, or video adverts that included Scrabble in some manner (which probably needs updated by now). One of the non-Scrabble Scrabble videos was a 2006 political ad paid for by the DLF Party in Minnesota called "Word Games". Guess who was the one playing word games?

I'd say the end slogan was the memory jogger for me... "So, when Tim Pawlenty tells you he didn't raise taxes, he's just playing word games. Fact is you're paying Pawlenty."

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