News: Stefan Fatsis clarifies the proper nouns thing

Stefan Fatsis clarifies the proper nouns thing

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But it seems like they are still stupefying Scrabble for a generation of young folks addicted to video games.

I'm really surprised at how seriously and how insulted people are by the thought of a rule change. This topic landed on my Facebook with cries of "kids these days!" as well. Weird.

It just adds to the fact of a less independent, freethinking culture. As we get more technologically advanced, we become more technologically dependent. It becomes a sedentary lifestyle, where everything comes too easily, and an education no longer depends on your ability to learn and grasp concepts and ideas, but on how well you can rely on technology to interpret those concepts and ideas. To attract a generation addicted to video games, texting and chatting, educational games need to be hipper, faster, more ingenuous and obliging, and less heuristic. Making a new Scrabble game that is easier defeats the purpose of Scrabble, and gives in to this new debilitated revolution.

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