News: Scrabble on the iPad - Flick Tiles From an iPod Touch

Scrabble on the iPad - Flick Tiles From an iPod Touch

The new Scrabble for iPad app lets you flick tiles from an iPod Touch, or iPhone onto the scrabble board on the large iPad screen. That way you can keep your tiles hidden from the other players.


Scrabble on the iPad - Flick Tiles From an iPod Touch

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This makes me want to get an iPad. But it still would not be as fun as playing the regular board game. This SCRABBLE app has a dictionary in, which defeats the whole "challenge" scenario.

No, it just makes verifying the challenge easier. You can still challenge... it just tells you right away if you've used a legal word or not.

Which makes the game easier, because you can play anything you think "might" be a word, until you get lucky, instead of being "sure" and risking a challenge if you're wrong. Plus, it shouldn't be up to the game to decide a challenge, it should be up to the player, who might not want to risk challenging.

I believe it is still up to the player to challenge making it so the risk is still there. But perhaps I'm wrong. I see your point.

Naw, I play it on my iPod all the time. There's no option to turn off automatic challenging. Even if you start a new Facebook game, you can't. Even when you play against the computer, you can't. Doesn't mean I won't play it, cause I do, but it doesn't replace the real game. It's just beneficial for practice and long-distance play.

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