Scrabble Bingo of the Day: TRAVOISE


Scrabble Bingo of the Day: TRAVOISE [n]

Today's word is in honor of Joel Sherman, whose record-breaking game last weekend netted him seven bingo plays, one of which was TRAVOISE. A travoise is a type of sled, but no… it's not like a toboggan or snow sleigh. Though it can be, it's not used primarily on snow, but on any soft ground, like forest floors and gentle soils.

Travoises were used most notably by the Plains Indians of North America, for dragging large loads over land. The construction was a small platform or netting mounted between two long poles. They were usually attached to horses or dogs, but were also dragged by hand. Nowadays, the travoise is mostly used as a means of transporting sick or wounded persons in emergency situations.

TRAVOIS [n/pl.] -ES  a type of sled
TRAVOISE [n/pl.] -S  travois

Other sled related words:

BOBSLED [n/pl.] -S  a racing sled
BOBSLED [v] -SLEDDED, -SLEDDING, -SLEDS  to ride on a bobsled
BOBSLEDDER [n/pl.] -S  one that bobsleds
BOBSLEDDING [n/pl.] -S  the act of one that bobsleds
BOBSLEIGH [n/pl.] -S  bobsled
COASTER [n/pl.] -S  a sled
COMATIK [n/pl.] -S  an Eskimo sledge
* CRESTA [adj]  as in cresta run, headfirst sledding
DOGSLED [n/pl.] -S  a sled drawn by dogs
DOGSLED [v] -SLEDDED, -SLEDDING, -SLEDS  to move on a dogsled
DOGSLEDDER [n/pl.] -S  one that dogsleds
KOMATIK [n/pl.] -S  an Eskimo sledge
LUGE [n/pl.] LUGES  a small sled
LUGE [v] LUGED, LUGEING or LUGING, LUGES  to race on a luge
MALEMIUT [n/pl.] -S  malamute
MALAMUTE [n/pl.] -S  an Alaskan sled dog
MALEMUTE [n/pl.] -S  malamute
MUSH [v] -ED, -ING, -ES  to travel over snow with a dog sled
* PULK [n/pl.] -S  a Laplander's sledge
* PULKA [n/pl.] -S  pulk
* PULKHA [n/pl.] -S  pulk
PUNG [n/pl.] -S  a box-shaped sleigh
SAMOYED [n/pl.] -S  any of a Siberian breed of medium-sized white or cream-colored sled dogs
SLED [n/pl.] -S  a vehicle for carrying people or loads over snow or ice
SLED [v] SLEDDED, SLEDDING, SLEDS  to convey on a sled
SLEDDER [n/pl.] -S  one that sleds
SLEDDING [n/pl.] -S  the act of one that sleds
SLEDGE [n/pl.] -S  sled
SLEDGE [v] SLEDGED, SLEDGING, SLEDGES  to convey on a type of sled
* SLEDGER [n/pl.] -S  one that drives a sledge
* SLEDGING [n/pl.] -S  the act of one that sledges
SLEIGH [n/pl.] -S  a sled usually drawn by horses or reindeer
SLEIGH [v] -ED, -ING, -S  to ride in a sled
SLEIGHER [n/pl.] -S  one that sleighs
TARANTAS [n/pl.] -ES  a low four-wheeled carriage in Russia, sometimes mounted on a sledge
* TARANTASS [n/pl.] -ES  tarantas
TOBOGGAN [n/pl.] -S  a long, narrow sled
TOBOGGAN [v] -ED, -ING, -S  to ride on a long, narrow sled
TOBAGGANER [n/pl.] -S  on that tobaggans
[v] -ED, -ING, -S  to toboggan

* Only acceptable in Scrabble play outside of North America.

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