Scrabble Bingo of the Day: CAGANER


Scrabble Bingo of the Day: * CAGANER [n]

A caganer is a small figurine of a person defecating in place, pants humorously around the character's ankles. It's a traditional Christmas decoration in Catalonia, Spain and in neighboring areas, where it's placed within the nativity scene.

In the United States, the traditional nativity scene depicts Mary and Joseph looking after the infant Jesus in His manger, with other possible bystanders being shepherds, the Magi, and possibly even angels. Catalan nativity decorations usually consist of the entire city of Bethlehem, in addition to just the manger scene.

The squatting caganer is usually hidden in the miniature city away from Jesus, providing a fun activity for children who try and find it.

* CAGANER [n] -S  a squatting defecating character in traditional Catalan Christmas scenes

Related defecating words:

DEFECATE [v] -CATED, -CATING, -CATES  to discharge feces
DEFECATION [n/pl.] -S  the act of defecating
DEFECATOR [n/pl.] -S  one that defecates
DIARRHEA [n/pl.] -S  looseness of the bowels  DIARRHEAL, DIARRHEIC, DIARRHETIC [adj]
DIARRHOEA [n/pl.] -S  diarrhea  * DIARRHOEAL, * DIARRHOEIC [adj]
DOODOO [n/pl.] -DOOS  feces
DOODY [n/pl.] -DIES  feces
EXCREMENT [n/pl.] -S  matter excreted and ejected
EXCRETA [n/pl.]  excreted matter  EXCRETAL [adj]
[v] -CRETED, -CRETING, -CRETES  to separate and eliminate from an organic body
EXCRETER [n/pl.] -S  one that excretes
EXCRETION [n/pl.] -S  the act or process of excreting  EXCRETIVE [adj]
[n/pl.] -IES  excreted matter
[n/pl.]  feces  FAECAL [adj]
FECAL [adj]  pertaining to feces
FECES [n/pl.]  bodily waste discharged through the anus
HYPEREXCRETION [n/pl.] -S  the act or process of excreting excessively
LIENTERY [n/pl.] -TERIES  a form of diarrhea
MECONIUM [n/pl.] -S  the first fecal excretion of a newborn child
POO [v] -ED, -ING, -S  to defecate -- usually considered vulgar
* REJECTAMENTA [n/pl.]  things thrown out, especially things excreted by a living organism
* SCUMBER [v] -ED, -ING, -S  to defecate (dog)
* SKUMMER [v] -ED, -ING, -S  to defecate (dog)
SHIT [v] SHITTED or SHAT, SHITTING, SHITS  to defecate -- usually considered vulgar
SHITTY [adj] SHITTIER, SHITTIEST  resembling shit -- an offensive term
* SQUITTERS [n/pl]  diarrhoea (colloquial)
STOOL [v] -ED, -ING, -S  to defecate
TENESMUS [n/pl.] -ES  an urgent but ineffectual effort to defecate or urinate  TENESMIC [adj]

* Only acceptable in Scrabble play outside of North America.

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