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What are your proudest accomplishments? My highest scoring word was WHITENER for 176 points, played in the upper left corner. My longest word was NOVOCAINE for 92 points. I chained it off of "NO" that I had played two turns earlier :D My top scoring game was 452, but it was using the international words list so a bit different.

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176 points is quite an accomplishment!

I'm not good at remembering my best moments, but there was one time when I played 5 bingos in one game.  I can't remember all of the words, but one was ECSTASY, which described the moment perfectly for me.  My score for that game was around 540.  I've only gotten above 500 a couple times since then.

I really really want to hit tourneys soon so I can get schooled by people scoring in the 600s, lol. I think the thing that made WHITENER even better was that I was several beers in by that point XD

I think I'd rather up my game before I take on the 600+ players. I'd at least like to win one game in a tournament! And I can't remember the last time I played without having a few brewskis. I wonder if I would be better or worse? Is drinking allowed in tournaments? I hope so!

My best score is 2311. Anyone want to play? Bring it on! Lol! :)

Totally didn't read what game this was. Lol. Thought it was for scramble with friends, not scrabble. Sorry about that!

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