Forum Thread: What features on your ultimate scrabble board?

Hello Everyone,

I am designing custom scrabble boards for friends and family with the ultimate goal of eventually selling them. This will be a high end looking, all wood board. As a scrabble player, would you prefer a board that had  multiple shades of wood corresponding to the traditional colored spaces on a commercial scrabble board?, or would you prefer having all elevated point spaces out of a single species of wood with their value designated by text? In other words, should the triple letter score(For example), be made of cherry wood, while the double word score be made of a mahogany? Or should they all be made of the same species of wood? Thanks, Marc

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2 Responses

That's a tough question, actually.

Different kinds of wood together might be a little weird, but I'd think it's best to experiment. If you didn't want text at all, just having different kinds of wood might not be enough. What if you used the same kind of wood, then stained the bonus spots with correlating colors? Or are you trying to avoid colors altogether? And I don't think all point value squares should be of the same color with text distinguishing them, because despite the text, it would feel too much like a checkers board or something.

How about same wood, different stains, and brief text (TL, TW, DW, etc) combined?

I'd love to see some photos of your board when it's finished!


Thanks for the response. I just finished one of the boards and am quite happy with the outcome. I will post pictures soon. I would like to avoid staining the wood altogether. I try to let the wood species speak for themselves. I have entertained the idea of a condensed text for each bonus square, and will try that in the future. Thanks again-Marc

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