Forum Thread: Scrabble Tricks!

Check out this extensive how-to article for Scrabble newbies -- "How To Master Scrabble".  It's full of great information for beginner Scrabble players.

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cool. this is very informative and will help me strengthen my scrabble skills. 

These tricks are... not very sportsman-like to say the least, but they're tactically sound :) First off, if you're going to bluff a word, watch for the opponent to later pluralize it. More than once I've dropped a fake word after an opponent's earlier unsuccessful challenge only to challenge them pluralizing it to much light-hearted frustration on their end.

The second trick I have for you involves bluffing again, but this time it's at no cost to you. If you are going first, fake a bingo. There are almost as many situations where you should do this as when you shouldn't. If they challenge you and succeed, you've lost nothing; now you're going second instead. If they challenge and fail or if they don't challenge, you just got DWS and 50 Bonus points. How's that for tempo? :D One of the few exceptions I'd throw out there is if you have a particularly frustrating two-letter word to drop and are playing a heavy suppression style based on an opponent's superior word knowledge. The other obvious exception is if you have no convincing lies, although getting challenged on an obviously fake word could play into your strengths later if the opponent is feeling confident about challenging one of your legit words.

Steve, those are definitely some dastardly maneuvers, but definitely worth a try on an unsuspecting victim.  I never thought about the first option, mainly because I'd feel like I was challenging myself (albeit, not directly).  The second option is something I'm more likely to succumb to trying, and it's probably only useful for Scrabblers who tend to get a lot of bingos to begin with.  If someone who never had a 7-letter word throws one down like that, it's suspicious, but someone who plays them frequently can get away with it.

Nonetheless, you bring up some good ideas for conniving gameplay strategies.

Something I didn't see in the list that might be beneficial are word stems. For those who are unaware, word stems are collections of letters you can get that combine with almost any other letter to form a long word. This is useful for 6 letter stems (my favorite is RETINA) to make bingos.

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