I just got a scrabble game  called champion edition  and  when I  tried to insert a word  called  "EA ", it was rejected. This was always acceptable on other games before and so after lots of searching, it appears that there is a purely AMERICAN scrabble  dictionary  by Mirriam webster which this game uses.

The International broader version via COLLINS Scrabble dictionary  does cover the above word  as well as many others  and apparently the scrabble game that I was familiar  with uses COLLINS - Since my  new computer works on w7 , my old game that I had is no longer working ---That game goes back to the 90's and may have been by Ubisoft--

Anyway, I would like to find a new FULL SCREEN  scrabble game  that UTILIZES the COLLINS SCRABBLE Dictionary --

I would appreciate any help in finding such a  game.

Thank you,,,,,,,Ralph


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