Forum Thread: Scrabble dictionary on 'Saids'

'Maybe saids is a word?!'  I said.

I was scoffed at, until I looked it up.  It is in the scrabble dictionary.  I can't find it in other dictionaries and I have no clue how it can be used in a sentence.P

Please explain if you can!!!

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2 Responses

The SCRABBLE Dictionary states that SAIDS is plural of SAYYID.

Look up SAYYID (pronounced sy-ehd) and you find out that it's a word for lord or sir in Muslim communities. It literally means mister in Arabic.

Why is it in the SCRABBLE Dictionary? Because it's one of the common Arabic words that English-speaking people also use to describe someone, just like other common titles as SHEIK, QAID and HADJI.

Why doesn't SAID mean "said"—the past and past participle of say—in the SCRABBLE Dictionary? To save room, it only lists one definition per word. It places all inflections beside the root word listing, in this case SAY, to make room for other definitions that mean something else (homonyms, heteronyms, polysemic meanings, etc.).

Now, to use SAIDS in a sentence...

There are many SAIDS in Iraq.

Awesome!  Thanks for your help and intelligence.

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