Forum Thread: multiple online games with the same player

hi, i prefer to delete multiple game requests that are randomly generated while playing someone online (especially if we are playing for the first time); however some people seem to think it's because i am shopping tiles and that is not the case. to eliminate this bias, i've decided to enter an "already playing" comment before deleting the subsequent game. thoughts?

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EDIT: Just noticed the "multiple same players" part.

Okay... actually I don't think it matters whether you do it or not. Who really shops for tiles anyway? And is it really worth it? If someone quits a game with me before actually playing a turn, I think nothing of it. I move on. No worries. It's hard to be polite all of the time. Especially when you're already playing a game with them. Not everyone wants to play two games at the same time! I have people do it to me all of the time without saying a word, especially in Words with Friends on my phone, since it asks everyone for a rematch. Multiple games happen erroneously all the time.

Now... if you're quitting after taking a turn, that's a whole different story!

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