Forum Thread: Illegal vs legal

Are these words legal?





if a game has been started how do you challenge someone?

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2 Responses

Depends on what you're playing. Scrabble or Words with Friends?

In Scrabble, JOE, DOR, and ET are legal. DI is not. Unless you're playing Scrabble outside of North America, then DI is legal.

In Words with Friends, all four words are legal.

I don't believe you can challenge someone on either of these apps. But are you even playing on an app? On the Scrabble app, you used to be able to play games that let you challenge, but I'm not sure any more.

Thank you for your response Justin...after I posted I did find a list that had all 4 words on it...sigh...

I'm playing Words with Friends on my how things have  

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