Forum Thread: Hasbro folio scrabble vs Mattel travel scrabble

Hi, Does anyone have thoughts about the relative merits of Hasbro folio scrabble vs mattel travel scrabble. Thanx in advance

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As far as I know, they're built very similar, but with obvious differences:

  • The Mattel version has a built-in scoring system, without the need of pen and paper, whereas the Hasbro version doesn't.
  • The Hasbro version is built in to a zippered foldout case, which sometimes makes it hard to get the board completely flat when playing.  The Mattel one has no problem folding out flat, and it's tile pouch doubles as the game case.
  • The small letter tiles on both can be hard to manage, but the Mattel version seems better at staying inside their spots, which comes in handy when pausing games.  I've had the letters fall out of the Hasbro one on occasion.

In my opinion, the Mattel one is slightly better, mostly because it can layout completely flat, unlike the Hasbro one in the zipper case.  It's more stable.

Thnx for the thoughtful response, tenebrism

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