Forum Thread: Yet another scrabble dispute.

Hi everyone!I'll get straight to the point.I had two letters that I wanted to use, namely "B" and "F".There was the word ET on the board and I simultaneously added B right before the ET and F underneath my B, thus forming two words (BET horizontal and BF vertical).My opponent claims this is against the rules and I can only add the B for BET.Who's in the right?Cheers

Forum Thread: Who won/lost this Scrabble game? Help decide.

Recently a hotly-contested Scrabble game was concluded and a winner was decided by a very slim margin, only 3 points. Kudos to the victor and it was much deserved as it was her first victory after a string of many many defeats.But wait...after the score was tallied, the game put away, and victory toasts were made it was discovered there was 1 tile left in the bag. Obviously this 1 tile could have swayed the game greatly. Is this game then null and void or should the victor still hold on to th...

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